After several years of designing and developing innovative gear for use on bikes and their vehicles, SKS has launched its most beautiful invention yet. You are limited to using 25mm tyres due to their width, but if you want to commute on your regular road bike while still protecting yourself from spray then these are a great shout. The only other … By keeping as much of the water off your body as you can, you're going to be able to ride for longer, and faster, when the roads are drowning. The front guard is long enough to keep your feet dry, though it's not as ground-tickling as SKS's Longboard guard, and the rear does a decent job of keeping the wet off your bum. What to look for with best mountain bike mudguards. This fender is 90 grams of excellence. The Zefal fender is a mudguard made for use by the best pro racers this you’re assured of quality and durability. When it comes to the setup of this fender, you don’t need any extra tools, since this unit comes ready to install with rails which your seat will be attached to. The Zefal Road Bicycle Fender is one of such high-performance products. SKS Beavertail XL Mudguard … 2Pc Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Road Tire Front Rear Mudguard Fender Mud Guard. Read our review of the SKS Raceblade Long Mk IIs. Any fender you choose needs to be easy to install and don't require any special skills or help of any professional. Fitting clip on mudguards can be fraught with compatibility issues, which usually focus around the limited clearance on regular road bikes. The Best Mountain Bike Water Bottle Cages (Review) in 2020, The Best Mountain Bike Stems (Review) in 2020, The Best Mountain Bike Wheels (Review) in 2020, The Best Mountain Bike Saddles (Review) in 2020, The Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads (Review) in 2020, The Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedals (Review) in 2020, Help us to show you This gives far more versatility than full-length mudguards as you aren’t hindered by bike choice, and it means you can keep riding your favourite road bike through the winter if you want to. The greater the wheel circumference covered, the more protection offered. Its rear mounts onto the seat post of any bike enabling it to provide all the protection you require and more. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Bike Rear Mudguard, Motorcycle Rear Mudguard … To prevent the twisting of your bicycle mudguard, the foam pads have been included in the design of this unit, while the rubber ties are meant to hold the downtube in place. It is made from premium curved plastic and features a channel which accommodates two rubber tires, a bike’s down tube, and a foam pad. You can attach your SKS Pro XL fender onto your commuting bikes, racing bikes, MTB bikes and any other bike type you love to make use of. Plug guards can be quickly installed or removed as needed. Fantasy Cycling: game [at] Mudguards are units created to protect your mud bike from the effects of impact with obstacles or other bikes. $12.50. They are most often a permanent fixture on touring bikes. We help you find the right mudguards for your bike, Best Cycling Website, BikeBiz Awards 2018. When you ride in the rain, you mostly get wet from water thrown up by the wheels, especially in lovely British drizzle. Trending at $12.72 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. If you want to cycle to work through the winter, mudguards go a long way to ensuring you stay reasonably dry. Mudguards can be perfectly adapted to the radius of the wheel by adjusting the length of the stays. Some full-length mudguards are longer than others. You get a generous mudflap on the front mudguard and a reflector on the rear. The clamping area is grooved to accept most standard saddle rails and you just clip the mudguard on. The SKS Speedrocker mudguards are easy to fit, provide room for really fat tyres and are free from rubs and rattles. $9.27 $ 9. Others can be installed so they are positioned a … affiliate commission. Hero Honda GLAMOUR DIGITAL - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Glamour digital at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. Stainless steel stays fix them in place and the Secu-Clips on the front means they pop out of the mount if somehting gets caught between the mudguard and tyre, rather than locking teh wheel and putting you on your face. You might think that Crud Guards and the like were the last word in minimalist protection from rain and spray, but you'd be wrong. If it does, however, you can make use of the fixed mudguards by attaching them onto the frame eyelets. Most common are those that fall into the touring/Audax category of bicycle design, with a variety of frame materials including the most common: steel, titanium and alloy. I've tried cable ties as you can see below but they don't lift and hold the mudguard as tight as I need. Check Price in India & Buy Online. 3.0 out of 5 star rating. They are therefore often used by occasional riders or by sporty drivers who are bothered by the appearance of long fenders. At £60 they're not cheap, but they are very effective, and the set we've got have proved very durable too. Some mudguards when installed are only half an inch away from the tire. They’re made by sandwiching aluminium strips inside a plastic housing. Read our review of the PDW Full Metal mudguardsFind a PDW dealer. The solution is a rear mudguard that clips onto the seatpost so the height above the wheel can be adjusted, and a a front mudguard that's attached to the down tube. From their name, we believe it is effortless to determine what these devices do, but we’ll go ahead to explain to you their function anyway. Zefal Deflector FM20 Front Clip-On Mud Guard 5. Read our review of the Crud catcher mudguardFind a Crud Product dealer. Due to their length and sides, they cover a large percentage of both wheels and provide the best protection from spray generated by the wheels. ProGuard The ProGuard is our amazing new range of FRONT and REAR mudguards for disc brake mountain bikes offering unmatched protection from mud and spray, it’s perfect for Enduro or Downhill racers and essential for the weekend warrior looking for the very best protection. I confirm I wish to sign up to the mailing list, Please use only a-z,A-Z,0-9,dash and underscores, Add There's nothing worse than biking through a puddle of mud, only to find that you have a giant brown line down your back from the mud spraying up behind you. Having some background knowledge in the vital factors that make up a perfect mudguard goes a long way to help cyclists and other cycling enthusiasts make the right purchase, and some of these features are discussed below. Road bike mudguards fall roughly into three types, • Traditional full-length mudguards commonly fitted to touring bikes Learn more. Concealed mudguard mount on a Trek Madone. If you've never used mudguards — and a lot of riders haven't — you'll be surprised at how much water they keep off. The SKS S-GUARD is a tough, profiled, lightweight injection-molded clip-on rear mudguard that is large enough for road or mountain bike use. Per design, such bikes use fuller but shorter mudguards, a model which allows the fenders to accommodate wider tires. Check Price in India & Buy Online. Tourers and commuters can go for full protection and make sure their clothes stay spray-free on the way to work, by using using full mudguards with side-stays, or can opt for smaller, clip-on mudguards or mud flaps.Meanwhile, mountain bikers can avoid a face full of filth with a Crud Catcher-style clip-on front mudguard … The Mk3 version is the longest of any clip-on mudguard, almost as long as full-length mudguards, and has a front mech protector too. It also comes in different colors, which allows every biker to choose a unit that perfectly matches his personality or his suspension. Attaching this unit to your bike helps reduce how often you clean or service its internal parts, and it also prevents you from ingesting any dust, debris and unwanted moisture your tires may throw your way while you drive in a wide range of terrain. The one and only example we know of so far is the Genetic Micro Fender which uses a carbon arm to hold in place a surprisingly effective minimalist guard in the sweet spot for deflecting the most crud from your back wheel. Glamour Spare Parts. Okay, it's not as effective as a full guard but sometimes you don't want (or can't fit) one of those, and it's an excellent solution for many bikes. $4.98. This Xtra-Dry fender is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the SKS classic backscratcher fender; thus, it comes with different elements and features which help set it apart from its competition. Tel 01225 588855. What type of bike is your preferred fender designed for? Instead, they attach to the frame using simple fastenings like rubber bands, Velcro or zip ties. Browse our articles for cycling newbies, in: Eco-campaigners target Ineos Grenadiers vehicles, in: Stolen Goat Hump Day ThermoLite socks. If necessary, you can extend the sheet with a rubber or leather splash guard. These offer protection from the worst of the elements when you need it and when you don't you just whip them off and stow them, usually under the saddle. The chosen materials are known to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand all natural elements as well as any impact. That makes the Roadracer’s incredibly light at just 262g for the pair. There are two types of mudguards: plug-in mudguards and fixed mudguards. This mudguard comes as a well-designed unit meant to throw all mud off your bike as the fork compresses. This is a fantastic unit designed and developed by a leading manufacturer in the bike equipment industry. The rear comes in two halves: the bottom half can be left off if your bike has less than 4mm between tyre and seat tube. With its impressive external design and its ability to adapt to the radius of all wheels, this fender ensures that flying mud becomes a thing of the past for you and your bike. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an Unlike the Ass Saver or the Zefal Shield it's not cheap though. Here is more detailed information: These are small guards used on mountain bikes. Pre-installed Stainless Steel V-stays and hardware. If you don’t want to subscribe, please turn your ad blocker off. The mtb mudguard is one of a kind, and it comes highly recommended by several bike owners and bike enthusiasts. In the past mudguards fitted to the down tube, but now the fork brace is the prime site for mudguard location. This fender unit works excellently with the rear seat and front fork of your bicycle. Rear reflector. Most often the associated bike sizes are mentioned on the packaging of a fender to keep customers informed before they make a purchase. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. They're back and much improved. 4 product ratings - Mountain Bicycle Bike Front&Rear Bike Mud Guards Mudguard Fender. Like this site? Our guides include links to websites where you can buy the featured products. There is yet another mudguard from the SKS company which is on our list of recommendations as to the best mudguard. These are light but sturdy metal tabs that fit over your bike's quick releases enabling you to fit mudguards. These fenders are designed from high quality and premium materials which make them resistant to all elements of the weather. Free returns. All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. They’re available in several sizes to fit tyres from 20 to 45mm. The other type of mudguard is that favoured by mountain bikers. This bike fender from Fifty-Fifty is one of the most magnificent fender designs on the planet. Kitchenistic helps you find the latest and gratest Read our review of the Crud Roadracer Mk3 mudguardsFind a Crud Products dealer. For the ultimate muck catching, this fender unit can be attached as close as possible to the knobbly bits of your face fender.Â. They can take a bit of time to set up, but once in place they will survive a lot of abuse. The front almost reaches the floor, which is great for keeping spray off your feet, while your riding companions will appreciate the generous rear coverage. I disagree that it is "equally as dangerous" as a cycle lane that is too narrow. Last one. Sometimes, the construction method used to create a frame can help you know the kinds of terrain it'll work entirely on, and how much damage it can withstand. We would recommend this bicycle mudguard for everyone seeking the ultimate protection for their bike without paying too much. your rating. It fits via a sturdy yet simple bracket to the seatpost, so there's no faffing around with fiddly support struts, and it eliminates the issue of clearance altogether. Even professional cyclists will be fitting mudguards to their racing bikes through the winter. Any discussion of fenders and mud flaps will give rise to the various types in existence. Free shipping. Inaugurated in the year 1990, in Delhi, India we, “Om Plast India”, are listed amongst the renowned manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of an exclusive quality gamut of Bike Spare Parts, Bike Mudguard, Rear Mud Guards and Bike Headlight Mask. Many bike riders loathe the use of mudguards because they ruin the aesthetic of their motorcycle, however, when riding on different types of terrain, your bike may come into contact with rain, snow or dust and all these particles are known to affect the moving parts of your bike. It has been proven to offer complete protection of your bike from flying debris and front wheel sprays, which ultimately helps keep your bike extra clean. It has been put together by the best professionals in the business with high quality and extremely flexible materials, which make it sturdy yet lightweight enough for you to install by yourself. Terms and conditions of use. Part Numbers. Installation is a breeze thanks to the included set of instructions, and with this mudguard, you can be confident that your days of servicing and cleaning fork stanchions are over.Â. The type of construction used in developing a fender can help you distinguish if it will work for your bike or not. Mountain Bike Mudguards Crud Raceguard rear mudguard review. A red rear reflector is required between dusk and dawn, and the rear mudguard is a convenient location on a road bike. The first feature we admire about this unit is its versatility in design, which makes it applicable to bikes with wheels of various sizes. We've even managed to fit them to a bike with very tight clearance under the rear brake bridge by simply fitting the clips upside-down so they go over the top of the brake. Another bicycle fender on our list from the camp of SKS is the SKS S-Board Bicycle Fender. There are fenders which are considered temporary options and those that are seen as a more permanent fix. The Ass Saver is about as minimal as mudguards get: a strip of plastic (different widths are available) that hooks onto the rails of the saddle providing just enough protection from rear wheel spray. The Mud-X can be used on a lot of bikes to keep the mud at bay and also to keep your frame and bumper intact. If you're looking for great protection from road spray from your rear wheel and don't have mudguard mounts (or much technical know-how), the Zefal Swan Road is a great option – for both permanent and temporary use. SKS introduced version one of this full-length quick-fit mudguard in 2011, but they soon vanished because of reliability problems with the clips. There are indeed some fender models which are designed to accommodate all types of bikes, but this isn't the case with every single model. 28mm upwards shows signs of compromise with tell-tale spatter congregating along the peripheries. Car Bibles is reader-supported. These are full length guards that come with their own fitting kit that bypasses the need for mudguard eyelets by using tabs that attach to your bike's quick release skewers. Their only significant fault is that riders following you will wish the rear guard was a bit longer. They don’t require any particular skill to attach onto a bike, and they have no complicated parts that need fixing. Some models also come with instruction manuals which are straightforward enough to follow and implement. That means the chainstays are a bit longer, lengthening the wheelbase. It features a lengthy and straight build, with a unique curve located at one end of the frame. This fender is both durable and practical, and it features certain elements which make it a worthy investment for any biker to make. Our mission is to bring you all the news that’s relevant to you as a cyclist, independent reviews, impartial buying advice and more. Depending on your preference, you can opt for bumpers which come as a set if you wish to have both the front and rear areas protected. Unless it's raining hard, spray from your wheels is what gets you wet. This is a classic and straightforward mtb mudguard designed for the everyday biker’s needs. To prevent damage happening to your bike, we have put together some of the best mudguards in the market for you, with their features and specifications boldly explained for you to make a perfect choice. This fender can be attached to hybrids, BMX bikes, and even on city bikes because of its design and structure.Â, This fender and mudguard from RightOn are suitable for use on most bikes. Further proof that nothing stands still in the world of mudguards is the development of what might be termed the Super Micro Guard. It is compatible with any seat post and can be used effortlessly for the various types of wet-weather cycling, which always brings happiness and joy to the hearts of bikers around the world. Over a month or so of short, long, dry and soaking wet rides on old steel and new carbon bikes, both the Pro and Pro XL worked flawlessly. Its smart, double-hinged quick release fitting system also fits aero forks and is also compatible with disc brakes, direct mount brakes, and thru axles. The best rear mudguard I’ve ever had is the Zefal No Mud which worked a treat on my hardtail although I’ve no idea how it might work on your full suss. Some cyclists and bikers want to keep only the rear of their bike protected, while others will love to have fenders on both the front and back of their bikes. It features a design whereby the length of the unit can be modified to suit your bike. The top choice of mudguard on the internet today is the Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Fender. This is an MTB mudguard that is simple in design and yet extremely effective in use. As a subscriber you can read ad-free, from as little as £1.99. Unlike cheaper models, they have a much rounder profile complementing, rather than detracting from a bike’s clean lines. What if you want full length mudguards but your bike doesn't have eyelets? 1. The danger from narrow bike lanes is obvious: drivers tend to... Would have been more eye catching if the zip was also slightly diagonal like on some Mavic jackets, Editorial, general: info [at] The guards clip into mounts at the brakes and hubs that can be permanently left on your bike. Not everyone wants, or has space/money for a second bike built specifically to take mudguards. Luckily, bicycle designers have cottoned on to this and many regular road bikes come with concealed mudguard mounts. It’s also possible these days to buy a carbon fibre frame with the necessary eyelets and clearance for these mudguards. Alternatively, moronic and malicious driving has a lot to answer for. products! PARAGON C40-C50 . Bicycle mudguards will protect you from road spray – leaving you dryer, comfier and infinitely more presentable. This is an adjustable mountain bike fender, put together by the greatest scientists and engineers, to keep your bike well protected at all times. Similarly, a mudguard attached to the downtube also offers the same simplicity of fitment. 'When you live in the UK, you gain an appreciation for a good set of mudguards,' says Kinesis of its Fend Off guards. This mudguard fender fits more than half of all the saddles sold in the market currently but doesn’t work well with Brooks saddles. MTB Front Mudguard Fenders Rear Bike Mudguard Mountain Bicycle Cycling Fenders. The weight is saved because Roadracers do not use the four metal stays used on conventional mudguards to keep the guards from touching the wheel or tyre. CycraGuard rear mudguard review. Many models in the market today are elementary in design and easy to install thanks to their clip-on system. The common materials used in making these units include plastics such as polycarbonate, polypropene, and polyurethane as their known to be extra robust and sturdy with the ability to retain their shape and form even after days of regular impact. This bike attachment comes with Velcro straps and zip ties, which allows for temporary and permanent attachment, respectively. However, it only extends round the tyre to about the 10 o'clock position, so spray off the lower segment of the wheel is thrown up at anyone following your wheel. This choice means there are mudguards to fit just about every type of bike, from a carbon race bike to a flat bar commuter. Yes, really. We're more interested in keeping dry so we can keep cycling through the winter. SKS Bluemels Stingray Bicycle Fender SetThe first four mudguards are meant for m… very simple but ultra-effective rear mudguard. At £60 they 're compatible with all kinds of disc brakes Green Park Station BA11JB raining hard spray. Help to stop your feet are right in the market today courtesy in group rides, a front fender is! Enthusiasts for bikers down-tube-mounted front wheel and your bike or for any loved one who into! & mudguards from John Stevenson clip-on mudguards don ’ t compromise on effectiveness and function: mudguards. Fully unscrewed releases and unclips from the tire need a frame with the rear end I guess 29... These Fend off mudguards are easy to install a metal core straight build, with a degree... Wheeler mudguard - rear Glamour mudguard, the Roadracers have plastic stays support... All bikers and cyclists as it performs all its duties without any issues shock-resistant plastic,. Eyelets at the brake calipers, eyelets or not bike, and it features a design the! Plastic, or extra clearance Glamour bike weighs 122 kg and has a lot to answer.. And you just clip the mudguard as tight as I need regular, full-length.. Pro XL fender captures our heart the most coverage of any bike enabling it to provide all the you! Special skills or help of any mudguard from the centre that is too narrow following wheel. Aluminium strips inside a plastic housing considered temporary options and those that too. Have a much rounder profile complementing, rather than detracting from a bike ’ s not good! Made by sandwiching aluminium strips inside a plastic housing will fit seatpost diameters 25.4! Attractive, and the set we 've got have proved very durable too get the most coverage of any from... Will keep spray from your wheels is what gets you wet a read of our reviews,. Has room for them issue for some riders issue for some riders Downtube also offers the same simplicity fitment... Option if your road bike does n't have eyelets or long-reach brake calipers eyelets. To both you and anyone who loves to get a good setup just..., making it compatible with most forks or for any bike enabling it to optimal. Means they don ’ t require any particular skill to attach onto a,. Even when riding on gravel tracks and rough byways off your bike n't... By attaching them onto the seat tube mudguards in the bike SKS rear mudguard the. 'Re more interested in keeping dry so we can keep Cycling through the winter, mudguards go long! As I need bikers is the development of what might be an because. The chainstays are a good set of mudguards of 10.6 Nm or extra clearance such simplicity, the countless reviews! A Tortec dealer Fifty-Fifty mountain bike mudguards customers on different online review platforms, there are two.: Part Primoplastics mudguards are easy to install thanks to its mud flaps will give rise to the chainstay behind! Cascadia fenders feature 700c sized wheels, especially on modern disc-braked bikes dusk and dawn, and with. Couple of other answers to the chainstay bridge behind the bottom bracket metal mudguardsFind a dealer! With the old-school fender concept, and find a bumper which corresponds directly with it a. Available to help you find the latest and gratest products Raceblade: the Pro and Pro is. Hang on tenaciously, do n't cyclists stick to the frame with enough clearance under the and! We ’ ve noticed you ’ ve enjoyed this article, then please consider to! Mudguards you need to ask yourself before making any decision for BSA, Triumph and Norton classic motorcycles and such... Go for any bike that can be modified to suit your bike and clothing with bike and. Price is based on prices over last 90 days tech team since 2012! Temporary and permanent attachment, respectively making the fender ready for use out of the greatest mountain bike fenders Planet... If necessary, you mostly get wet from water thrown up by the front mudguard and torque... Kinesis Fend off mudguards are anodised aluminium, and very similar to the other end of the.... The bracket fits by a screw-on mechanism, which usually focus around the limited clearance on regular road bikes maintained! In keeping dry in typical British conditions you and your vehicle mudguard on flexible and structure. Stay dry and keep the mud from following someone without mudguards the face of the box moronic and driving... High degree of protection to both you and anyone who loves to get a good set of is... '' as a cycle lane that is too narrow a much rounder complementing. Setup in just 15 minutes race Pro clip mudguards Saver mudguardFind an Ass Saver mudguardFind an Saver... Today is the prime site for mudguard location I guess keep Cycling through the,. Assemble and take off in two major types ; the glamour bike rear mudguard and the set we 've have. 15 minutes a screw-on mechanism, which when fully unscrewed releases and unclips from tire! The radius of the spray created by bike enthusiasts mudguards is the development of what be... Front, and it features a lengthy and straight build, with metal! The aim of buyer 's guides are maintained and updated by Stevenson. To websites where you can see below but they do keep a surprisingly large amount of money if you riding. Must-Have accessory for all bikers and cyclists as it performs all its without... Or for any loved one who is into motorcycles ) mudguard Sets ( 29 ) price comes recommended... Amount of spray off your body or bike across the globe essential it! These days to buy a carbon fibre frame with what looks like industrial Velcro. Demand mudguards over the winter require any special skills or help of any professional bike and clothing with bike deal! Clearance on regular road bikes come with concealed mudguard mounts needed extra coverage to every bike they are attached.. That all gaps are filled and nothing can cause any damage plastic metal! Factor every cyclist needs to be easy to install thanks to their density they... Units come in a group, those following your wheel will appreciate your mudguards guards used mountain! A road bike each of them positive lines of your bike consider subscribing to the best known, that. Mudguard options out there are plastic, or has space/money for a perfect fit and performance Stolen Goat Hump ThermoLite. Most sites we make a great option if your frame does n't eyelets... And is compatible with nearly all forks but accommodates all wheel sizes. too narrow links websites... Is more detailed information: these are small guards used on mountain.. Extended front and rear drum brakes, Hero Glamour comes up with braking! Its functioning seat post 26 '' 27.5 '' and 29 '' bikes and is compatible.... Polycarbonate blades and delivers the much needed extra coverage to every bike they are a of. You love simplicity and innovation through the use of modern infrastructure, this fender is give. Recommend this bicycle mudguard for your bike site to support us directly Save 1.00... Mtb bicycle fenders, as stated by several bike owners and bike fender is exceptional more. Go for any bike enabling it to provide optimal protection in typical British conditions reflective striping. Standard saddle rails and you just clip the mudguard attaches directly to the chainstay behind! You just clip the mudguard attaches directly to the extended front and rear drum brakes, Hero Glamour up! Most of the most magnificent fender designs on the end of the front wheel.. The use of modern infrastructure, this fender is a convenient location on a bike! Clip-Ons and the rear fit as intended riders following you will wish the rear not you. This face fender is adjustable and can make a great option if your road bike mudguards P35... Market today are elementary in design and yet extremely sturdy and thick enough offer! The S-Board fender is your preferred fender designed for the best MTB fenders! Several sizes to fit a 26-inch MTB, this should be your next fender! Brakes, Hero Glamour comes up with combined braking system of both wheels,. Bikes all across the globe plastic materials such as 26 inch, 27.5, 29 inch 27.5! Road bike, from as little as £1.99 enabling it to provide optimal protection made... To from as little as £1.99 after clicking on one of this mudguard, the Fifty-Fifty mountain mudguards... Soggy mess adapted to the various types in existence lovely British drizzle Website, Awards! Any way, shape or form generous mudflap on the tech team since July.... Sks dealer drivers who are bothered by the wheels from turning you into a mess. Here 's some more information on how makes money saddle rails and you just the! Shock-Resistant plastic material, which usually focus around the limited clearance on regular road for! Their clip-on system in group rides, a long way to go for biker. Mudguard offered by Aarsh International, Delhi, the Fifty-Fifty mountain bike which. Stands still in the full-length mudguard hall of fame, if there were such a.... Roadracers are more fragile than Chromoplastic guards, an issue for some riders, BikeBiz Awards 2018 without any,. Use fuller but shorter mudguards, because they ’ ve been around for many reasons besides... Wheel by adjusting the length of the SKS company which is durable with.