Middle School Student At that moment, they were visited by Midori, who had snuck away from work. The third season of Sword Art Online, titled Sword Art Online: Alicization, is an anime series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. A junior member of the Shigemura Lab at Toto University, where Akihiko Kayaba and Rinko Koujiro also studied. Takes part in the war against the Dark Forces as a guard. An Integrity Knight, also known as Sheyta the Silent. The following is a list of characters from the light novel, anime and manga series Sword Art Online.Most of the characters are introduced as gamers who play and consequently become trapped in a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online. Unique Asuna Kirito Leafa Posters designed and sold by artists. Colorful and highly detailed Leafa Teraria statue. of the Order. / Suguha Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷 直葉 Kirigaya Suguha?) Used as a test subject in Administrator’s resurrection arts experiments, and became adept at murder after battling to the death over and over. She was also saddened by her cousin's newfound attachment to Asuna. She was saved by Kazuto a few seconds after falling in, but she was afraid of water until her cousin and his friends taught her how to swim.[10]. A criminal hacker with priors, he is extremely skilled at his trade. «ALfheim Online»«Project Alicization» He also has nerves of steel, never so much as flinching even when his belligerent comrade Vassago grabs him by the shirt. After two midair battles, Leafa and Recon were left as the only survivors, managing to lose their five remaining assailants by hiding in the forest. The next day, on January 20, while returning to the Sylph territory from an expedition with Recon, Sigurd, and two other Sylphs, Leafa and her party were attacked by an eight-man Salamander hunting squad. Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series, first written as a web novel series, by Kawahara Reki and illustrated by abec.The light novels began publication on ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko imprint from April 10, 2009. Considering that Kirito is the way he is in the anime and has been for quite a … Upon learning of Kirito's desperate desire to find someone at the top of the World Tree, Leafa felt compelled to offer to help him on his journey to Alne at the World Tree's base and agreed to meet with him at the inn the following day to escort him to the city. RL Leafa is one of the five fastest Sylphs and has won the Sylph fighting tournament various times. A month later, on November 7, Suguha and her family received an urgent report from the hospital that Kazuto had awakened. A Soul Translator engineer. Major Characters … Cassandra Lee Morris[4] A swordsman who graduated second in her class at the Swordcraft Academy. One of a pair of young Integrity Knights. What I wanna know is if he can't heal outside of STL, is there anything preventing an early death for Kirito since it would suck super hard if he died like 4 years in. This article is missing some information. An executive and the Chief Tactical Officer of a U.S. PMC (Private Military Company), Glowgen Defense Systems. Infinity Moment A prodigy with an IQ of nearly 140. Was deeply shocked when Alice informed her of Eugeo’s death. A good friend of Asuna's, very upbeat by nature, who is always looking out for others. System Name[?] VA: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Bryce Papenbrook. Suguha as Earth Goddess Terraria in Underworld. Tamaño aproximado: 21 cm. After the deaths of Administrator and Chudelkin, he’s assumed the highest post in the Church, and is working tirelessly to protect the Human Empire from the Dark Territory. Game Developed the Medicuboid based on the data Kayaba left behind. Set after the events of SAO Alicization: War of Underworld. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop Kazuto then decided that it was time to attempt to get Excalibur, and formed a party of seven consisting of himself, Leafa, Asuna, Klein, Lisbeth, Silica, and Sinon. Voiced By The sole non-combatant on Gabriel's team. Joins Lisbeth in asking the ALO players to convert their accounts to the Underworld so that they can save Kirito and Asuna. Other playable characters besides Sinon, Leafa, Silica and Lisbeth in Alicization Lycoris include: Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven: Part of the Integrity Knights, he battles against the Dark Territory forces as the leader of the Human Empire army.Renly is the only character who can use the Twin-Wing Blades weapons and especially the “Twin-Edged Wings”. País de origen: Japón. Bold - David - Jake - Kenta - Lax - Summon, Dashin - Hidehide - Nagama - Nobu - Saika - Yasu, Benjamin - Casa - Frost - Koenig - Yamada - Let's Play Host, Batian - Boss - Costa - Lorosae - Panama - Rio, Aburi - Hagashi - Kosogi - Kubiri - Oroi - Shibori -, Suguha/Leafa usually refers to herself using the feminine personal pronoun atashi. [citation needed] Her breasts are very large, compared to other members of the female cast, although she has grown a lot recently. To her shock, however, all but one of the Salamanders were easily defeated by the Spriggan instead. Watch episodes of Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld right here on HIDIVE. [5] She also has a cute childish look and is often seen with an embarrassed expression, especially when around her cousin. On December 14, 2025, after the preliminaries of the Bullet of Bullets, Suguha talked to Kazuto after finding out that his name had disappeared from her friend list. Login / Join N4G community now! Her hair bangs, however, are not tied up with her hair. Kazuto found out he was not her real brother around this time and the distance between them became further and further apart, until they were practically strangers before the SAO Incident. Now, Seijirou Kikouka, having witnessed Kayaba's resurgence at the Ocean Turtle, assembles an unlikely team to pursue and capture the digital ghost—by any means necessary. Known for his casual speech. The commander of the Axiom Church’s Order of the Integrity Knights, and wielder of the Time-Splitting Sword. Shop online for unique Sword Art Online Leafa throw blankets. Race As a sylph, Leafa specialises in using wind-attribute and stealth magic, though she also knows several healing spells to use when she is acting as the support for her party. The party then proceeded to Jötunheimr, and then to the dungeon holding Excalibur and successfully acquired it. Later, Leafa learned that Kirito was actually her cousin, while Kirito had not realized that Leafa was Suguha until she called his name. The Hunt is on! She later participated in the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest. A girl who met Kirito in GGO. Kirigaya Suguha's cameo in the first episode. Has feelings for Kirito ever since he rescued her in SAO. During breaks between learning to swim, she recounted meeting Kirito in ALO, as well as learning how the girls had met her cousin. ©2017 REKI KAWAHARA/KADOKAWA CORPORATION AMW/SAO-A Project. Kazuto is Suguha's maternal first cousin, as his mother and Suguha's were sisters. Media 桐ヶ谷直葉 Suguha was first overjoyed to find Kazuto returning home, and tried to be respectful of his temporary weakness. Kirito served as her page at the academy and since then has earned her respect. Leafa clumsily spawns into the Underworld using the Terraria superaccount and quickly encounters Lilpilin, the Orc Chief. As a child, Suguha would often ask Kazuto to read her stories from Greek mythology. After the surviving Salamander chose to withdraw and the Remain Lights of the vanquished Salamanders disappeared, the Sylph offered to treat the Spriggan, who introduced himself as Kirito, to a meal at the Sylph capital Swilvane for saving her. Discovering that a U.S. Special Ops team has infiltrated Rath and is about to unleash the horde of U.S. players that they've gathered against the Human Empire force, she quickly calls for help from Kirito and Asuna’s friends. He heads to the Underworld with the others, despite the risk of losing the character he's kept for so long, as a way of repaying Kirito, to whom he feels indebted. A subordinate of Gabriel’s who infiltrated Rath with him. account, is the deuteragonist of the Fairy Dance Arc, one of the main characters of the Girls Ops spinoff, and a reoccurring character throughout the Sword Art Online series. Figura de Leafa del famoso videojuego Sword Art Online Alicization. Kirito talked to her and cheered her up before showing her the New Aincrad and asking for her help to clear it this time. After losing his dear friend, Eugeo, in a battle to the death against the pontifex, Taketatsu Ayana (竹達 彩奈) Alice’s younger sister. Kirigaya Midori (Mother)Kirigaya Minetaka (Father)Kirigaya Kazuto (Cousin, Adoptive brother)Narusaka Aoi[3] (Aunt, Deceased)Narusaka Yukito[3] (Uncle, Deceased)Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased) That night in ALfheim Online, she was depressed because she felt out of place with the survivors of SAO. Personal Information 59. An extremely able Integrity Knight, ranked No. Despises the goblins, orcs, ogres, and other demi-humans. A member of the Council of Ten, rulers of the Dark Territory, and the Tenth Champion of the Pugilists Guild. Birthdate [citation needed]. Today, during a livestream from Tokyo, Bandai Namco had news and footage to … - Wallpaper Abyss Several months later, on May 16, Suguha met every one of Kazuto's friends from SAO in ALO and, later, in a party held to celebrate the clearing of SAO. On December 28, 2025, Suguha came to Kirito to inform him that other players had found the Holy Sword Excalibur's location. Aug 25, 2017 - Explore AkioHikaru's board "Leafa" on Pinterest. The leader of the Black Mages Guild. She learned how to play ALO from her classmate, Nagata Shinichi. About the whole "death flag for the upcoming arc" Didn't seem very 'death flaggy' to me. Información extra de la Figura de Sword Art Online Alicization Leafa 20 cm. She has long blond hair, often tied up with a flower-like hairband. Learning of Kirito's plight, he converts his account to the Underworld, not giving a second thought to the loss of the character he's kept for so long or of the precious items he's gathered, and heads into battle. Death Stranding. Q&A session in the third popularity contest held by Kawahara Reki as Kunori Fumio, 2005, Dengeki Fighting Fair Original Character Card, Alicization War of Underworld Episode 17 commentary by Kawahara Reki, Interview with abec in Dengeki Bunko Magazine volume 41, Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 8, Suguha's English voice actress's video answering questions from fans, https://swordartonline.fandom.com/wiki/Kirigaya_Suguha?oldid=174834. When Alice returned to Rulid Village but had nowhere to go, she found a cabin on the outskirts of town for her to live in. Suguha's English voice actress Cassandra Lee Morris stated on her Youtube channel that she shares the same birthday with Suguha. After seeing Kazuto in a comatose state due to being locked in SAO, she broke down crying for the first time in years. W Unlike her cousin Kazuto, Suguha is upbeat and outgoing. Wielder of the Conflagration Bow, a Divine Object-class weapon featuring flaming arrows. April 19, 2009[2] Occupation She took up ALO in order to understand Kazuto better when he was trapped in SAO. In order to capture Alice, he dove into the Underworld using a super-account of a dark knight. Suguha has been shown to be a very aggressively sporty and a very sarcastic person, possibly more than even Kazuto.