20/2/2014 Mango trees (Mangifera indica L.) reach 35-40 m in height, with a crown radius of 10 m. The tree is long-lived with some specimens known to be over 300 years old and still fruiting. 7  Pages. Investment in improving transport efficiency is the key to expansion and integration of markets - sub-national, national and international. Our main logistics functions include warehousing, inventory management, transportation, and logistics information management. The factory building has a covered area of 46500 sft. 7  Pages. Employment: 204 people / based on team estimation. (2)New taste and flavor: We offer a completely new flavored and tasted juice. The building development charges would cost around Taka. of a country for the interest of a nation or specific community. Zaman, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Business, as the requirement of the course entitled Project Management to gather knowledge and experience on the managing projects in Bangladesh by focusing the problems and solutions in Bangladesh context. We will maintain integrated logistics management by cross-functional teamwork both inside and outside the company. Unlocking the potential of the climate-smart “blue” economy. In future, we will introduce different attractive packaging for junior/ mini size. (1)   Uniqueness- As the mango juice is not a competitively new concept it has a good opportunity to capture the market and the taste of the consumer. BlanchingProduct requires blanching at 160o-180oF for 15-40 minutes to remove natural sugars, stabilize enzymes, and create a good texture. In our label, we should use price, open dating, and nutritional label. The age range of the young people is 11-20. Limited has the modern technology to provide the high quality juice. We are also contriving to monitor any deviation from our plan including monthly sales and monthly expenses. No artificial flavors or preservatives will be added to ensure the natural touch. They differentiate their juices by considering uncommon fruits like tamarind, guava, pineapple, lemon, etc. We have set a price by which we can get to any segment. Disequilibrium occurs when a business is out of whack and nothing seems to be going right. Main advantages of freezing technology include: On the other hand there are certain special requirements such as maintenance of cold chain all through the sales channel and high power requirement for freezing and storage. Lack of Resources. We want to distribute our product through out the country by our employee distributors in every district. • The business concept would only work when other fruit juices will be added. The threats are also there. For operating the machineries and equipment we will hire some expert employee than hire 1000 employee for operation and processing. InspectionSamples of the unprocessed produce are taken to be graded and for grower payment. pre-requisite for both initiating and sustaining economic development. Dr. Amer Ibrahim The company has NOC of environment directorate of the government of the project. People I think are more trained to be, interest of a nation or specific community. Premium Our brand name is CHOICE, which will be the automatic choice to the customer. • Limited access to export markets (flying is too expensive). In this stage, we will start to introduce our other brands of mango juice with different features. Our primary marketing objective is to create product awareness among our target customers. Distribution in the all over the country. We want to associate Junior/mini-pack with children. Besides operation we will consider some experts of accounts and finance department for running the company. Milestones help measure your team and project progress. An adequate and efficient transport system is a pre-requisite for both initiating and sustaining economic development. All the packing materials except wooden crates labels plastic containers and net bags are imported. Moreover, they only segmented their product for kids. Advertising will appear to maintain brand awareness and communicate various differentiation messages. The kids are also very fond of Juice. We will also identify newer idea for our product like adding caffeine, introducing family pack (1 Liter) etc. We will emphasis on downstream partners so that our consumer can get our product easily. Of course, new equipment usually means additional training, too. In many cases, project management practices used in advanced countries — those developed in defense, corporate R&D, and space programs — have been prescribed for increasing the implementation capacity of developing nations; an attempt has been made to install complex project management techniques and procedures. • Mango: Only seasonal. the project • Risks: Potential problems that may arise • Issues: Risks that have happened • Gantt Chart: A specific type of chart showing time and tasks. 1. Project managers report that team members make statements such as, “I won’t do one of those again!” Putting … Because every one will know about its ingredients and it might easily be copied by other brands. The process of setting both short-term and long-term goals for a project needs to be efficient and well thought of. 23/06/2009 at 10:37. Marketing channels: Improved product will diversify links to higher grade buyers. So, our brand CHOICE mango juice will face competitive brand recognition. • Stakeholder: Any person or group of people who may be affected by your project COMMON PROJECT TERMS . Perhaps you must get new equipment in order to meet the new productivity and pricing requirements. Annual requirements of natural gas lubricants grease etc. Processing will have to take place immediately to prevent perishing. We will also observe our distribution channel regularly and support them. For the coming five years New-born (Pvt.) In the primary stage we will launch our juice in 3 different sizes: Junior (100 ml), Classic (220 ml), and Standard (500 ml). Define a project. People I think are more trained to be project managers and also there is new software that helps tremendously with the management part of the tasks. 1-Learning Outcomes being assessed “SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh” August 11, 2012 Shah Md-Al-Emran Faculty of Business Administration ASA University Bangladesh Subject: Submission of “SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh ”. A large number of mango germplasms are grown in the country but the fruits of a few varieties are of superior in quality. The main machineries required are following. Prospects of IT Industry In Bangladesh Besides this problems our IT industry growing day by day. However, having a management that is not able to cope with the speed and scale of demand, it may be a big problem for the project’s success. What is a project, and what are its main attributes? 3. For Standard (500 ml) size Tetra pack will be used. If any deviation occurs we will try to fix it instantly and will recover the mishap for ensuring smooth production and sales simultaneously. It then measures its performance in the marketplace and evaluates the causes of any differences between expected and actual performance. So, in this stage, we will use cost-plus pricing. trip-by-trip contract basis. Interviewed, observation was the method of collecting data. We will also go for a consumer survey toward our product, weather they like or dislike our product and why, our packaging system, advertising campaign, promotional offer. Premium The additional machinery for balancing and expansion to be produced includes filling and crowning unit having capacity of 250 bottles per minute, pasteurization unit 3 no SS Blending tanks having capacity of 4000 liter homogenizer of 4000 liter/hr, mango juice evaporator, and so on. LO2. But, later we will also price-adjustment strategies like- discount and allowance pricing, promotional pricing etc. Project management involves leading teams from different departments who may not be used to working together. Due to lack of infrastructural support the product might be in risk. And then tell them about our goals. Research about media consumption patterns will help our advertising agency choose appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product introduction. We will facilitate them by our company’s logistical support. Our pricing objectives will be market share leadership. The fruit takes from three to six months to ripen. Investment in improving transport efficiency is the key to expansion and integration of markets - sub-national, national and international. To earn a strong profit base and to ensure an adequate return on investment, To obtain a return on investment at least 20 percent, To make it a Public Limited Company and offering of IPO by 2011, Preservation of produce for 9-12 months without changing the basic characteristics and nutritional value of the food. We will also arrange special trade terms for retailers that place volume orders. Among various processing technologies (canning, dehydration, pickling, provisional preservation, bottling etc), freezing is one of the most popular methods for preservation of foods. (b) Organizational model Factory set ting. 21 - 30 of 500 . Our product, CHOICE mango juice offers the following standard features: In the juice market, there are many juice companies. The Waste Management Project at Green Channel will be … This assignment was given by honorable course instructor Saleh Md. 4. Natural taste of mango along with natural color. problem in Bangladesh. Reply. We will also phase out weak items that are unprofitable. We will use Poster, Banner, Festoon, Billboard, Newspaper, Television and Radio advertising media to reach the mass market. The absence of unclearly defined goals does not only pave way for unnecessary confusion and miscommunication but also may lead to missing important milestones. During product development, sales are zero and the company’s investment costs is 1,500,000 BDT. Until the brand has been established, our communications will encourage purchases through channel partners. Premium Duncan Brodie says. On the other hand, the foreign companies offer banana, tomato, carrot, apple, papaya, strawberry, leeches, which are uncommon. They will get the transport and communication facilities. "Problems Of Project Management In Bangladesh" Essays and Research Papers . This is causing the following: • Value addition and packaging: “Absence of professional processing services and no varied packaging”. This model report will serve as guidance to the entrepreneurs on starting up such a new project and basic technical knowledge for setting up such a facility. Usually created by a Project Management program like MS Project. Urban areas and district head-quarters will be treated as the current market and the product will be offered in half prices in front of schools, amusement parks, stadiums, concerts and in the social get-together places to gain the attention. For our channel management, we regular select new channel members, managing and motivating channel members, and finally evaluating channel members. These desirable characteristics will obtain a positioning in consumers’ minds. As we started in February, 2007, our first year objective is total 20,000 liters juice will be sell which price is 1,000,000 BDT and it will capture 3 percent of total market share in juice market. Our objective will be maximizing profits while defending market share. Under the GATT agreement where Bangladesh is also a signatory, tariff barriers are to be slowly lowered. We also look for the behavioral segmentation like- user status, user rates, loyalty status, readiness status, attitude towards products etc in near future. The label will identify our product. Distribution will be selective to well-known metropolitan shops and retailers. To penetrate the market, we will use average cost per customer. . We want to use a little Caffeine to add as extra feature of juice which can ensure the refreshment quality we are claiming. Laborers have to be trained to learn to follow strict hygienic procedures. Although the Rodriguezes were pleased with the success of their venture, they were beginning to encounter problems that worried them about the future. Transportation Problem and Solution in Case of Bangladesh Usually other company introduces only traditional juice like- lemon and orange. In last couple of years frozen mango pulp has become very popular in retail market. And it will be available in the city shops. We additionally pay for variant types and furthermore type of the books to browse. No Preservatives or extra tastes will be added. Why it happens: Given the long timelines involved in enterprise projects, project … Our channel strategy is to use selective distribution to have CHOICE sold through nearby stores and shops. So the taste of the juice will be exactly like the real fruit, as the juice will be made from real mango. Then we will look for strategic control for the long-run. Three problems are common for manufacturing company. This becomes the project leaders' responsibility -- delivering the information to keep senior management informed. We want to use a triangle tetra pack for children. The major raw materials are mango and several type of plastic can tin bottle crown cap lug cap labels and so on. Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our messages and media. These competitors are not keeping the quality consistent. Project related to socio-economic infrastructure is called development project. New technology is needed when there is a major shift in development, or possibly when you are anticipating a major new contract or product enhancement. We should try to use always eco-friendly package. 23/06/2009 at 11:17. If our proposed financial assessment can be met then we will hire additional employee. As New-Born Co. World Trade Organization, Project management, Andes 590  Words | The tooling isn’t right. Existing connected load of the project is 75 KW which has already been provided to the project by Bangladesh power development board. Inside the seed coat 1-2 mm thick is a thin lining covering a single embryo, 4-7 cm long, 3-4 cm wide, and 1 cm thick. Our primary consumer target is kids, children and young, where taste will vary at each offering. Besides we will consider the BSTI test result for running the production. The texture of the flesh varies between cultivars, some having a soft, pulpy texture similar to an over-ripe plum, while others have firmer flesh like a cantaloupe or avocado. 5  Pages. The absence of unclearly defined goals does not only pave way for unnecessary confusion and miscommunication but also may lead to missing important milestones. To achieve goals through project could be achieved if we can proceed and follow some rules in traditional ways which is called project Project Management Project. At the introduction stage, the Informative advertising will be introduced. We will consider one production house for producing mango juice in front of the store house. In this project, the New-Born Company will produce Choice Mango Juice from January 2010. The information on the bio-chemical characteristics   of         some    mango   varieties  have     been reported by Samad (1975); Hossain (1989); Salunkhe and Desai (1984). And we will make sure that every consumer from every part of the country is getting the product. 1. Besides, micro buses have been purchased by the company for transportation. Its purpose is to ensure that the company achieves the sales, profits, and other goals set out in its annual plan. NO additional land is required for proposed expansion. We will produce quality food items and newer beverage products maintaining the international standard and will price at premium prices while providing challenging career opportunities for employees. We expect to have our highest profit in this stage. Sponsored in social event like concerts, sports league, and other social gathering to attract the attention of people will be New-Born’s implemented plan. Spring 11 IE 5541: Project Management Homework #6 You can work on this assignment individually, or in a group of 2 or 3. New-Born has hired marketing people to handle national sales campaigns, trade and consumer sales promotions, and public relations efforts. We will build up value-delivery network for our marketing channels and supply chain management. Attractive packaging with different sizes. The plant includes all necessary accessories together with power generator modern testing equipment and quality control units. Our product is such a product, which is priced in a way so that most people can consume it. Total requirement of water about 11210 gallons per hour is available from the projects own deep-tube well with purification and deionization plant. So we will consider the cost effective concept for making profit. Then we will launch family size pack of 1liter. The juices will have to be packaged into carton tetra packs for direct sales at local markets. In this stage of our product’s life cycle, sales are expected to be low. 3  Pages. We will set the price to match or beat competitors. In the course, project management trainer Chris Croft shows how to solve the most common problems that arise when working on projects. So demand is up, skilled workers are up, and the cost benefit is there for this renewed interest. It has a totally different color, which is not usual to see in a juice or a drink. Chapter 1: After studying the survey we can say that the target customers of the juice are mainly young people. MLM LeadershipCourse says. São Paulo, Park and ride, Road 546  Words | Solution: If you pilot your project blindly, it is doomed to failure. And we believe that, if our six month action programs will run well, then we will achieve our goals easily. The Gantt chart is an indispensable tool in project management because it allows to quickly visualizing all the planned tasks, their progress and their due date. There's a new book listed at least once a day, but often times there are many listed in one day, and you can download one or all of them. When we prepare this report we faced some problems, such as limited time, technical problem and practical problem in communicating people, information need, cost etc. RT @rabidbi New article – Six big problems with training and development . People are more conscious about their health and nutrition. PackagingThe frozen products are packaged into bags. Empirical research in Bangladesh will be complimented by a collective social learning process with stakeholders to jointly frame and define problems, determine boundaries and intra team interactions. Market is competitive. For customers we will offer –. The primary objective of the model report is to facilitate the entrepreneurs in understanding the importance of setting up such a unit, technology and financial parameters of various components for preparation and submission of project proposal to bank for sanction of long term loan. But the varieties of which qualities has not yet been explored need immediate study. The company enjoyed a high level of repeat business and often used their customers’ suggestions to organize future trips. To cerate and maintain a very healthy growth of business with desired image ensuring the quality first. The projects own have laboratory for carrying out required tests. Semester: Integrating environmental protection and management into national planning and strengthening environmental institutions, especially to respond to the Bangladesh’s rapid urbanization, industrialization, and growing pollution. Some of you will question their technology … Premium In Bangladesh project management is very crucial task in the government institution and government officials. As mango is a summer fruit and it is a very juicy fruit it self. Dhaka is facing one of the major problems that is already being faced by other big cities in the world, more vehicle than the amount of the roads. We mainly focus in unique taste and natural flavor at our product positioning. Advertising activities will stress brand differences and benefits. During the first year, we will add channel partners until we have converge in all major area and the product is included in the retail shops. A development project is a project which is taken by Govt. 2. This month we will advertise of our new product in the Television, Radio, Bill board and also poster. Freebooksy is a free eBook blog that lists primarily free Kindle books but also has free Nook books as well. Therefore, as a result, traffic jams are increasing day by day and it is becoming one of the most intolerable factors of the country. In this stage of our product life cycle, both sales and profits will be declining. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, 15-35 cm long and 6-16 cm broad; when the leaves are young they are orange-pink, rapidly changing to a dark glossy red, and then dark green as they mature. In deep soil the taproot descends to a depth of 20 ft, and the profuse, wide-spreading feeder roots also send down many anchor roots which penetrate for several feet. 3  Pages. The project will ensure all the information provided in this plan by actively commercialization process. Along with the strengths CHOICE mango juice has basically three main weaknesses. For additional machinery a load 200 KW would be required which is to be produced provided by BPDB. (2)   Can Easily Be Copied: The product can easily be duplicated by the competitors. Our government take some important project to build a technological nation. Project Solution Definition. In the past, juice companies did not offer mango juice. A project issue is an event or condition that has negative consequences for a project. Despite this strong competition, our company can carve out a definite image and gain recognition among the mass people. Material is not purchased on time, or not enough material is purchased. Some solutions offer dashboards so project managers can see details at a glance including a project’s contract, budget, commitments, and costs. Perhaps you need to develop new ways of doing things to meet new challenges. Milestones help measure your team and project progress. Finally, we will use customer satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction. Premium Maximum Mark: This survey will help us to know the position of our new product and to get value from our customer. The primary objective of the model report is to facilitate the entrepreneurs in understanding the importance of setting up such a unit, technology and financial parameters of various components for preparation and submission of project proposal to bank for sanction of long term loan. Figure-4 shows the structure of the 14 person marketing organization. In the meeting we will describe everything about our new product like product quality, benefits etc. CHOICE mango juice has five major strengths: (1) Experienced And Expert Management and Board: We have a very experienced and expert management and board which helps us to produce a good and a very                      promising new product. Suddenly that person … Project Management. But Choice is offering mango juice at a reasonable prices, high quality and different tastes for different age. Processing is one of the most effective solutions to reduce the wastages. Mango is a fruit, which more or less every one in our country knows starting from the rich to the poor. (4)    Large Amount of Investment and State-of-Art Technology: We have sufficient amount of capital to invest.