Ron hasn’t swapped clownery for music yet – 28-year-old Travis Scott has teamed up with McDonald’s for the first celebrity meal since 1992, when they featured a Michael Jordan special. Though, you could just order each of the items from the menu… It won’t be called the Travis Scott Meal, but you could pretend. In 2020, a fast-food chain looking for equivalent big-tent cultural relevance has few more compelling places to turn than hip-hop, the cultural arena with the most natural and ambitious gift for merchandising. In essence, The Travis Scott Burger is a quarter pounder containing 100% fresh beef burger, containing two slices of melted cheese, sauces (mustard & ketchup), pickles, onions and shredded lettuce. The Travis Scott Meal is available at all US McDonald’s outlets, except those in Hawaii, Alaska and US territories. It’s still a light shock to see DJ Khaled hawking for Geico, or Snoop Dogg for Corona (or Dunkin’ or the General or Tostitos). 2020 has been weird, we can agree on that, but did anyone predict Sicko Mode rapper Travis Scott dropping a collaboration with Ronald McDonald? McDonald's delivered this statement to Vice: "Any claim that McDonald's collaboration with Travis Scott was launched in response to recent litigation is completely false. They are a Quarter Pounder with Cheese with Travis’ go-to toppings: bacon and lettuce, plus medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite. A partnership between the rapper and the fast-food chain is a melding of the merchandising minds. Travis Scott’s partnership with McDonald’s includes a merchandise drop and a limited-edition meal. Lord Alan Sugar announces his brother Derek has died from coronavirus: ‘Sad day for our family’, Chris Hughes supports ex Jesy Nelson as she quits Little Mix: ‘The best’, Cheryl melts hearts by sharing rare video of son Bear wishing fans a merry Christmas, Will Young tells inquest caring for twin brother before his death ‘became too much’, Chicago star and choreographer Ann Reinking dies aged 71. The t-shirt was given out to McDonald's Crew members to wear during the time when the Travis Scott burger was available. McDonald's debuted the Travis Scott Meal on September 8 — a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ Sauce, and a Sprite. McDonald’s in the UK has just launched the Triple Cheeseburger though, so it’s not all bad news. The Travis Scott Meal contains three of Travis Scott’s favourite items from the menu for just $6 (£4.65). There is of course also a Travis Scott Meal, which costs $6 — a specialty burger something like an amped-up Quarter Pounder With Cheese, fries with barbecue sauce and a Sprite — that sadly does not come with a toy. Part of why the Scott/McDonald’s alliance feels different is because of the intimacy of food — it’s one thing to attach a celebrity to a luxury item, but to attach one to a commodity product is a far bolder statement. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald's. musician long before the algorithms take over. What is the Travis Scott Meal and can you get it in the UK? On Tuesday, McDonald’s unveiled their new “Cactus Jack” meal in collaboration with hip hop superstar Travis Scott. A collaboration at this scale is maybe a final stop before a full-fledged brand of one’s own — a Yeezy or a Fenty. Whats in the Travis Scott Burger? Juggernauts gonna juggernaut, though. Berkshire Hathaway?) That said, the collaboration between McDonald’s and Scott, which began this week and includes a range of merchandise and a limited-edition meal, initially seems preposterous — what does McDonald’s know about the right singing-to-rapping ratio? And Scott retains a bit of personal mystery. During my childhood years, my family’s kitchen cabinets used to be lousy with the sorts of commemorative glassware you’d get at Burger King or McDonald’s — a Luke Skywalker here, a Snoopy there. Hours after Travis Scott launched his much-hyped McDonald's collaboration campaign, the Astroworld artist released a line of merch to his online shop. UPDATE: The Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's is available to order exclusively through the McDonald's app as of Sept. 22 and expected to be available while supplies last … It looks as if this is an exclusive for fans in the United States. Shop the official Travis Scott, Astroworld, and Cactus Jack merch. There’s a television commercial, too, in which an action figure version of Scott — speaking in his real(?) Travis Scott will debut his own McDonald's meal on Tuesday at restaurants across the United States.. There are umpteen T-shirts — some insert Scott’s imprint name, Cactus Jack, into the Golden Arches; some are inspired by early 1990s sports aesthetics. It’s a way to slip his aesthetics into the global mainstream through ads and products, and also something that doesn’t exist in music anymore: physical distribution locations. voice — showcases his meal: “same order since back in Houston.” Here, too, a mutual compromise: McDonald’s, potentially still skittish about aligning with a rapper, swaps in an animated version in the ad. McDonald's Feel free to take a second and read that sentence twice for confirmation. Travis Scott Meets McDonald’s (It’s Lit!) And his voice is generally digitally processed practically beyond recognition, merely shrugging off the texture of reality.