A: Wow – you’ve applied lots of work but left out one important thing: regular fertilizing. I have some yeloowing in about 10% of my grass, mostly confined to one area of my lawn. There are three common diseases of centipede lawns: BROWN PATCH is most prevalent on centipede which has been heavily fertilized when night temperatures are above 68 degrees and day temperatures are above 80 degrees. Legacy post . Due to the less water or more water, your grass can be brown and yellow. If so, what should I do? Is this something I should worry about? When soil does not have enough iron, parts of the grass lawn turn yellow at the top of the blade. Unfortunately, one of those traits is actually centipede grass turning yellow. I know my centipede likes around 6.5. After some strong spring rain, blades of my centipede lawn are turning red. Water is the most important thing for increasing plants and grasses correctly. It can be established by either seed or vegetative parts and does not require much fertilizer. It’s really tough to tell whether your grass is dead or dormant in summer because they look virtually identical. Iron Another reason for discoloration could be lack of iron in your soil. Thanks. Here is the skinny: Weed-n-feed in early May Fungucide in early June Fungucide in early July Turf builder in early August My PH is high at 7.8, but I didn't have any issues last year. Fescue needs LOTS of fertilizer in fall after the seeds have germinated. A: There could be many reasons why your grass is the color you describe, but of this I am certain: Your centipede grass is NOT yellow-green because it needs lime. Unfortunately, a variety of factors may cause your newly seeded lawn to turn yellow. pip27 – posted 30 May 2003 13:04. 2016-05-11 . Some of the more common areas of the yard that you might find turning yellow from iron deficiency are those adjacent to things made of concrete. Why is my centipede grass turning red? Usually, yellow and brown streaks can recover. So in this section, I’ll be explaining how and why this may happen. Don’t believe to occur over water that is harmful to the lawns. As I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this post, centipede grass has a lot of unique traits. Dead patches of grass may start small but will grow and join together to make patches more than 3 feet apart. This type of yellowing occurs frequently in sandy soils with a high pH. When Green Lawns Turn ‘Red’ Red thread lawn disease grows most aggressively when temperatures are in the 68 to 75 degree range and during extended periods of wet or very humid weather. No Comments. Grass cycling - leaving grass clippings on your lawn after mowing - adds nitrogen naturally to the lawn. Even though this may seem like a narrow “window” or set of circumstances for disease activity, red thread can overtake a … Centipedegrass is ideal for the homeowner who wants a lawn that needs little care. Thirdly, water your yard. But crunchy, brown grass could mean you need to consider replanting. What causes centipede grass to turn yellow? Spray an iron compound called ferrous sulfate on a yellow grass lawn to correct an iron deficiency. That’s enough to understand why my grass is turning yellow and dying. It has been there since green up. wdrake – posted 30 May 2003 19:52. Like nitrogen, iron is involved in chlorophyll formation. You’ll want to make sure the grass is still alive before attempting to revive it. Planting grass seeds is a painstaking, yet rewarding task. I have had very good germination rate, but the grass has stopped growing and now is turning yellow in many spots, about 60-70% of the lawn. As you look upon your newly seeded lawn, you hope to see fresh blades of vibrant grass poking through the soil. Although centipedegrass is a relatively low maintenance grass, proper management is still required. Compared to other lawn grasses, it is moderately resistant to insects and diseases. If your grass is turning yellow this trick could help you know why https://www.greengroundsservices.com/lawn-care-services